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Muscle Building And Fat Burning Workout

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ShareThe day after Thanksgiving was the perfect time to back off the heavy weights and concentrate on more muscle building and fat burning. Here’s how it went: Serious 6′s x 6 plus lightning round of 3 cycles as fast as possible with 30 seconds rest. 20/10 rope battling x 8 sets “6 Pack Abs” – […]

How To Build Muscle With Supersets

Supersetting is pairing two exercises together and performing them back to back without a significant rest. It is a popular method used to increase volume in training programs.

3 Exercise Tweaks for BIG Results

Certain exercises can be altered slightly, and produce largely different load and stress on the body’s muscles. Here’s how to get more muscle!

New twist on the classic push up

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Push ups are great and we use them with the young athletes for awhile before they even get to think about pressing weight. After they get more efficient at performing push ups, variations can be used.

Simple “Get Strong” Lower Body Workout

I see a lot of overcomplicated lower body workouts. Often its best to K.I.S.S. I’ll keep this strength training workout simple, as well as this post!

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