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Exercise For Leg Strength and Hip Mobility

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ShareI received a question on how to keep the hips healthy during the course of a regular workout. Here’s one way: Offset Reverse Lunge With Added Range of Motion What an ugly exercise name….Let’s just call them “No tipsy, plus stretchy, lungeys” Purpose: Added ROM for longer eccentric plus concentric phases Added ROM for added […]

Lateral Leg and Hip Mobility – Part II

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The exercise involves a lateral lunge and a powerful cross over step. Its simplier to do than part I, but still amazingly effective.

One Exercise For Mobility, Flexibility, and Activation

The first was a combo hip and thoracic spine mobility, glute and hamstring flexibility, and glute and quad activation.

Free Mobility 2.0 Ebook and Video

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Check out this intro video – Complete Mobility Bonus
Here’s how you get your free copy and video:

Its Time To Call Some People Out…

The warm up below has helped my guys increase their dead lift PRs (only exercise I tested with the new warm up, although we use it every lower day), as well as generally feeling better in preparation to exercise.

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