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Unusual Core Strength Exercise – EOW #5

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The core needs to be able to stable enough to transfer energy from the hips to the lower body AND strong enough generate rotational power.

Saturday Workouts Get Crazy

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At my new gym, we have instituted just insane Saturday workouts. In the short 3 months we have had people drive from around the northeast to join us – and even a person fly in from the midwest!

P-I-G, Get Creative With Training

ShareMy brother Pat and I had our first “Strongman” Saturday since his return from college.  It was a little higher volume of compound exercises than normal, but it was a great session. Box Squat on Foam- Worked up to a 2 rep PR Tire Flipping – 3 timed sets.  I can admit I lost to […]

Grip Challenge You Need To Try!

ShareAbout a month ago I write a homemade grip equipment article for my friends over at the Diesel Crew – check out the article here —> Homemade Grip Devices.  In that article I included a picture of one of my athletes using a hockey puck hub training device (something I actually learned about from the guys […]

Shipment Day – 3 Inch Rope and Farmer’s Walk Handles!

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ShareYesterday was another new shipment of training equipment.  Last week was the shot puts, lifting belts, and lifting shoes, and this week it is some crazy 3 in rope and farmers walk handles!   Every penny from what clients are paying this winter is going back into equipment to gear up for the most serious summer […]