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Blackburns Get Your Back Strong

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Joe Defranco has shared some awesome exercises and sequences with us over the years, here is one I like to use at the end of an upper body workout.

8 Must Try Workout Challenges

These workout challenges will not only do that, they might just push you to all new limits! All fit into the category of “must do these workouts at least once in your life.”

A Huge Strength Training Mistake

(Embarrassing story) When I started lifting, I made a lot of beginner workout mistakes. I used to go to the gym early on in high school and break up my days by body part. Next I would do 3 sets of 8 reps of every exercise I chose and moved on. No wonder why I was weak!

Get Ripped Abs NOW and Hot Training Videos

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ShareI noticed many people are already click on the new Hot Video section in the sidebar.  I won’t be giving each of these videos a dedicated post, so stay updated and check those out!  I will post a few highlights here as a taste.   I will be updating these videos DAILY!  Keep checking it out […]

Top Strength and Conditioning Sites

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ShareJoe, I love the stuff you put out on your site.  Great info.  Just a question, what are some other sites and places to get information from?  Thanks and keep it up! – Jackson ____________________________________________________________ I think this question is important enough to answer on the site, and  I appreciate the compliment.  Some other marketing […]

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