Monday, April 21, 2014

Build Massive Leg Muscles: Tilted Squat Pyramid

Last week I gave away a free PDF on an Upper Body Mass Building Exercise Complex. People wanted more…so remember…you asked for this…

How To Build A Solid Core While Training Legs

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I’m going to show you two primary variations, using a suspension trainer (prefered: here’s how to make a suspension trainer) and using a standard bench.

Unilateral to Bilateral Strength Complex

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The overload is important for building lower body strength. Next, the various loading patterns – even while using a submaximal weight since it is now bilateral – will build stability and core strength.

62 Muscle Building Lower Body Exercises

I find it very important to teach the body how to fire the muscles while utilizing one leg – especially in the glutes where a lot of athletes have weaknesses.

Build Leg Muscle “Mix Up” Lunge Complex

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Lunges inparticular are great for athletes and people looking for that “real world strength.” Life and sports usually include a high amount of unilateral movements.