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The Conditioning Encyclopedia FREE

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Conditioning is an essential part of ANYONE’S training program, especially athletes.   How much better would you feel if you took off 10 lbs of body fat?

That is just the start (read on for a giveaway).

Then you breathe better, feel better, and PERFORM better.

Unfortunately there is a lot of poor information out there about conditioning.  Let me clear up everything for you with some general conditioning info – infused with my opinion sections of course :)


  • Conditioning Methods Explained
  • Application and Sample Workouts
  • Bonus Articles
  • 13+ Conditioning Videos
  • 60 pages of FREE INFORMATION!!!!!!



I didn’t put weeks into this manual just to have a few people download it.  I NEED you to share this with your friends.

So I’ll sweeten the pot!

1.  Share this post on facebook (just click the share on facebook button in the top right of this post) and make sure to write “@Joe Hashey” your post.

2.  Leave your thoughts about the free ebook in the section below.

I will give away a FREE Synergy Athletics Tee Shirt AND a FREE copy of the Bull Strength Training manual EVERY 100 facebook shares!!!!!

You get the Conditioning Encyclopedia, a shot a Synergy gear AND a chance to get a copy of Bull Strength FOR FREE.

I know that’s crazy, but that’s how much I appreciate the Synergy readers.

- Joe Hashey, CSCS -

PS.  I provided scientific studies to go along with many of the conditioning methods, but I intentionally left a lot of the mumbo jumbo out so everyone can understand and appreciate the methods!

PPS.  If you prefer just getting ALL your workouts done for you, just click on the Bull Strength Conditioning image below!


86 Responses to “The Conditioning Encyclopedia FREE”
  1. Jeff Rhoden says:


  2. Jeff Rhoden says:


  3. Mathew Arcand says:

    I've been looking for a new workout program and Bull strength and conditioning looks like the way to go.

  4. Nick John Nicholas says:

    if its by Joe Hashey its worth reading!

  5. nick says:

    f its by Joe Hashey its worth reading!

  6. Alejandro says:

    Nice, and interesting

  7. Haven't had a chance to read the Conditioning Encyclopedia yet but I can say that Joe Hashey does produce quality work, ex. Bull Strength and conditioning was awesome!

  8. John Fuller says:

    Fantastic information. I've been looking for a site like this for years.

  9. Sheree says:

    I thought you had a free ebook.What a ripoff.

  10. Sheree….the conditioning encyclopedia is a free ebook. I’m not sure what you are complaining about.

    I suggest clicking on the massive text that tells you to download the book with the arrows pointing to it. I can’t make it any more obvious than that.


  11. Thank YOU! Should be great!

  12. Joseph A. Scheckel says:

    awsome book keep up the great work

  13. Russell B says:

    Thanks a lot for this Joe, I look forward to looking it over during the weekend.

  14. Sy Wade says:

    Facebook shared.

    Looks like a great Ebook, look forward to reading it. Hope I'm one of the 100 :)

  15. josh says:

    looks great really want to get in shape for bball

  16. Ken says:

    Great info as always Joe! Thank You!

  17. My pleasure Ken, thanks for checking it out!

  18. Tyler says:

    Thanks for the book!

  19. No problem Tyler! Good luck with your training.

    - Joe

  20. John says:

    Great resource – keep ‘em coming Joe

  21. josh says:

    looks great hope i win

  22. Akif says:

    Complete guide for athlete!

  23. Jason says:

    Good stuff. Gave this a read after gaining access to the inner sanctum of the “I don’t give a $#*% if people in public gyms look at me like I’m insane” club.

    Thanks Joe,

  24. Jason,

    Haha, welcome to crazy town :)


  25. Matthew Rojas says:

    Excited to receive your info to help me get in the best shape! Love the videos too!

  26. Mayo Holloway says:

    Thanks Coach Hashey!! This is one fine compilation of knowledge and “useful information” I cant wait to get into all of it.I really like your site as well,great stuff.


  27. Chris Rosi says:

    Nice!!! Thanks Joe

  28. Reginald says:

    Great information as usual! Thanks!

  29. Nick says:

    Can’t wait to dive into this. I am currently finishing my Kinesiology degree and looking to take the CSCS exam so I am always looking for new material. Again I can’t wait and thank you Joe.


  30. Nick, Glad to help! Good luck on your CSCS exam.



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