Saturday, April 19, 2014

“Mission Impossible” Advanced Core Training

This is really hard.  “Really” advanced isn’t a very techinical term, but you will see what I mean when you check out my latest video!  I thought it was going to be impossible….but there were people looking so it was time to suck it up!

Well no hands would be truly impossible…

Rope Battling Push Up Plank Rows

This video came from the Accelerated Strength Development Seminar (from one of the breaks – imagine all the stuff going on when during the actual conference!). 

Muslces targeted:

  • Core / abdominal
  • Upper back
  • Chest
  • Triceps
  • Biceps
  • Grip / hands / forearms

That’s a lot, but if you are weak in any of these areas there is no hiding!

- Joe Hashey, CSCS -

PS. This isn’t even our Exercise of the Week!  Stay tuned for that tomorrow!

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9 Responses to ““Mission Impossible” Advanced Core Training”
  1. jhashey says:

    [New Post] “Mission Impossible” Advanced Core Training – via #twitoaster

  2. Jerry Shreck says:

    Love it Joe!!! I have done similiar work with my wrestlers doing tug-a-war in the plank and push-up positions. They eat up that competitive work! Effort levels double!!

  3. jhashey says:

    “Mission Impossible” Advanced Core Training

  4. Joe Meglio says:

    Awesome video Joe. If we left out the rows/push ups how many rounds would you recommend of the plank + battling ropes? 3 rounds of 15-30 seconds depending on the athlete?

  5. Keith Fine says:


  6. Thanks Keith!

    Joe – 3 x 30 each arm for newer, 4-6 x 30 – 45 seconds for more experiences.

    It isn’t a basic movement, so I wouldn’t do it with anyone that doesn’t have a decent level of gpp.


  7. Coach_ULTIMO says:

    RT @jhashey: “Mission Impossible” Advanced Core Training

  8. Gabe says:

    Nice. I wanna incorporate those into my workout.
    You could prolly lighten the load and face sideways perpendicular to the rope and reach under and across the plank and pull laterally to boot…anti-rotation/rotation.
    Also could prolly face away over/parallel the rope and pull kinda like a front raise.
    Good stuff.


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