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Fast Shoulder and Back Muscle Builder

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I’ve taken a strong stance on being a fan of unilateral training for athletes.  Of course, some people aren’t a fan of that opinion and question why athletes should train using one arm or one leg at all.    I guess sports are always played using both arms and both legs at once….

During the accessory portion of the workout, training unilaterally has huge benefits for core strength, as well as the targeted muscle group.

Try out this 3 exercise complex and you will know what I mean:

  1. 5 single arm military presses
  2. 10 single arm dumbbell rows
  3. 15 single arm shrugs
Repeat for 2-3 sets with 1 minute rest.

Shoulder and Back Builder

I know the video editing is a little quirky, but I’m working on cleaning up the video and audio quality so bear with me for a few videos.  Thanks for your patience,

- Joe Hashey, CSCS -

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