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Core Training Without “Abs Exercise”

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Some of the best core exercises AREN’T “core exercises.”

Well, they are…but they aren’t.

Let me explain.  When people ask me for core exercises, they are expecting a sort of semi-isolation crunch, rotation, specific bracing etc.

Since we are limited in workout time, there isn’t always a place for isolation that can be covered during with other exercises/complexes.  Here’s a good one for you:

Dumbbell Complex

Version #1:

  • 10 Pushups with Renegade Row
  • 10 Kneeling Military Press
  • 10 Single Arm Unbraced Rows
  • 10 Single Arm Standing Presses
  • Repeat with the other arm

Perform 3 sets.

Version #2:

  • Perform 5 push ups with renegade row, 5 plank rows, then 5 of everything else above.
  • Use heavier weight

Uni-Crush Upper Body and Core Workout

Barbells, dumbbells or bodyweight for our next complex? Let me know in the comments!

- Joe Hashey, CSCS -

PS.  More complexes for you are in Bull Strength Conditioning.

Ultimate Conditioning Manual


9 Responses to “Core Training Without “Abs Exercise””
  1. Hey Joe,

    Glad to see you're not a crunch type of guy.
    A lot of people don't know that crunch type XRCZs place up to 600 lb of pressure on the discs and vertabrae. Ever wonder why the crunch addicts get a sore back and neck?

    Also, any type of crunch-like XRCZ places undue stress on the solar plexus and the celiac plexus. This trauma causes adverse effects on the CNS and on testosterone production.

    Keep up the great work Joe!

  2. gene says:

    nice circuit. will do next time at the gym and enjoy the looks from people on the machines.

    how about barbell next week?

  3. Thanks Gene! Going to get some weird looks for sure haha.


  4. Tom says:

    Very nice! will definitely try this one! What is the name of the band playing in the background?

  5. Joe Hashey says:

    Thanks Stephen! Great explanation.

  6. Tom, that’s our friends from “Wrecked”


  7. Robert Autry says:

    This complex makes P90X look like the girl scouts..

  8. Bryan says:

    When they are doing the kneeling presses, what purpose does holding the band serve? Is it for more stability? Can it be done without it? Thanks Joe I really hate to do isolation core exercises! Boring and to me unproductive.

  9. For core tension – keeping the back tight while pressing, and requiring more stability.



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