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7 Benefits of Unconventional Training Methods

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A bit of an “old school” post today, but one that is very important.

Question:  Why don’t we use just barbells, bodyweight, and dumbbells?

Unconventional training tools have helped our clients build incredible strength.  Here’s why…

7 Benefits of Unconventional Training

1.  Unbalanced, uncentered weights provide for a great deal of muscle stabilization and aid in developing overall coordination. 

2.  We’ve found that young athletes in the general physical preparedness phase respond quicker to odd objects than standard weights. 

3.  They remove the social aspect of worrying about what they can lift.  Lifting any unconventional object is “cool” to them and a proper challenge.   No more concern about “how much can ya bench.”

4.  Added core strength.  Odd objects used in unconventional training usually do not have a specific center or balance point (this includes everything from a rock to a sandbag).  The movement or unbalanced natural will force the athlete to brace and balance.

5.  Affordable.  Can you build a bulgarian sandbag for cheap?  Sure.  Can you find a rock for free?  You bet.  See that old tire and rim in the corner?  Fill it with concrete and carry it around for awhile.  The options are only limited by creativity! 

6.  Training in multiple planes of motion helps sport carry over.  Lifting a barbell or dumbbell usually trains in one plane of motion.  Grabbing, throwing,  and flipping unconventional tools can train a client in saggital, tranverse, and frontal planes. 

7.  The challenge of unconventional training….is how do I progress?  (this is more of a bonus tip on how to train successfully.)  With standard weights you can just add a little bit more and you are progressing.  Unconventional training needs you to change different parameters such as:  time, distance, sets, reps, etc.  Keep that in mind and you will be simply successful!

8.  Bonus:  It’s fun!

There is nothing wrong with standard training – we use it the majority of the time – but somtimes you have to get a little weird to get strong.

- Joe Hashey, CSCS -

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7 Responses to “7 Benefits of Unconventional Training Methods”
  1. Ken Black says:

    BOOYAH! Joe is the MAN! Been tellin' people this stuff for a long time! Keep up the great work, Joe!

  2. Excellent list Joe.

  3. Sam Rogers says:

    you are preaching to the choir!

  4. making me miss the dog we had.
    I would get the biggest sticks I could find and throw it just like the smaller tire. He Was my workout, and trying to get back into shape with a niece and nephew instead ^_^;.

  5. Trey says:

    What are your thoughts on crossfit?

  6. David Haas says:

    I have a quick question about your blog, do you think you could email me?

  7. David – I tried to drop you a message, but it was returned. You can shoot a message to coachhashey at synergy – athletics dot com when you get a chance.


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