Wednesday, April 23, 2014

This weekend got a little crazy….Part I

ShareQuestion:  You guys put out a ton of training info, and I love it.  I’m curious, what do you do with the few minutes of spare time that you have? Umm…We Train? Ha, kidding, let me give you a rundown of our weekend this far.   It involved tearing, bending,training, Lunges of Death, BBQ, video games, the […]

Homemade Gym “Rings” or “Handles”

SharePhil Goetz, a Synergy Athletics reader, generously sent in some photos of homemade gym “rings.”  I can immediately see a ton of uses for these. Last year, I made homemade blast straps.  I bought the nylon webbing off of ebay, made handles and had to have them professionally sown together.  Then I melted them a […]

Bull Strength Tire Throwing Conditioning

ShareCasey “No Holds” Bard sent me a few pictures of him dominating an exercise I posted a little while back and included in the Bull Strength Manual. This exercise is a combo of tire throwing and conditioning.  The weight of the tire does not matter, it is the rate of force development – how fast […]

Core Training PLUS

ShareI have ranted on this site many times about poor core training decisions.  (Insert any “death to crunches” statement here). Here is my big issue with core isolation, there is not enough time to include them.  Sure you might be able to crunch a lot and get some results, but what about the 1000′s of […]

Core Training For Athletes

ShareHere are a few photos from the last few weeks at Synergy Athletics.  Notice how most of the exercises recruit muscles from multiple groups.  We don’t have much time for isolation when it comes to training athletes!  8th Grader Jake H. Performing Renegade Rows (with 100′s!!) Finishing a Workout With Renegade Rows Real Core Training […]

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