Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Great Debates – Part IV – Cheat Meals

ShareWe have had two serious debates in a row, so its time for a lighter one.  Everyone can get their opinion heard on this one.  The debate will be Cheat Meal vs Cheat Dessert – What Would You Rather Have? But first here is an article exceprt from Mighty Body for those people that aren’t familar […]

The Great Debates – Part III – Training Style

ShareThis debate has been raging over the last year:  Cross Fit vs Conventional Methods of training Conventional Training Typical Gym Programs – Sets and Reps. Standard Exercises and Progressions VERSUS Crossfit My Opinion:  I am a big fan of the conventional training programs.  I must admit that I have never done Crossfit, so I am […]

The Great Debates Part II – Olympic Lifting vs Other.

ShareLast week’s debate was on Training Failures.  This week is more serious.  The debate to include olympic lifting in athlete training programs has been raging over the last few years.  It seems that many trainers are taking olympic lifts out of the programs.  Let’s hear your opinions! Olympic Lifting Pros Large muscle groups utilized. Benefits […]

The Great Debates – Part I – Training Failures

ShareThis is a new section that will start appearing on the weekends to get some training dialogues started.  Some of the debates will be serious, some will be just for fun.  I’ll start with a fun one to get things rolling.  Debate – Which is a larger training failure? A.  Boy gets stuck squating and […]

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