Friday, April 25, 2014

+35 lbs Bench Press -30 lbs of Bodyweight in 6 Weeks

How to increase your bench press while losing weight.

Knowledge ISN’T Power…You need this….

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It was at least the fifth time I’ve listened to it, so I was dosing in and out. When I came in, something the author said stuck out distinctively in my mind:

Innovative Rope Training and Free Workouts

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I still want to share as much new and effective training with you as possible, so here’s what you should do to keep up:

Boxing Gym Workout at Pilger’s

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After the warm up we did tire flip, strongman complexes, and prowler pushing. Great time!

Simple Homemade Thick Bar Instructions

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You can build tremendous grip strength, pressing strength and deadlift strength by experimenting with it